Scholars University

Be Bold, Be Innovative, Change Education For the Future.

We propose to design Scholars University to be bold, innovative, and the best in education. Our leaders seek to change the future of education by developing younger and more skilled college graduates. We seek scholars who boldly knock down doors and become change makers in society.

We Propose to Change Education

Combining innovative and traditional educational strategies we provide scholars with an advanced education that other schools may not provide. Scholars University is an educational organization where scholars have the opportunity to complete a high school diploma and college degree simultaneously.

Expectations for Scholars

Our Model Proposal For the Future of Education

It is important to meet learners where they are and increase expectations for successful student achievement. Not all learners have the focus and dedication to learn at an accelerated pace. Therefore, not all learners will be ready for a school like Scholars.

Some of the things we look for, beside dedication and the ability to focus are:

  • Innovativeness

  • Learners ability to catch on quickly

  • Strong interest in academics and ability to maintain a B average

  • Technical skills

  • Strong interest in succeeding

  • Ability to follow instructions

  • Self direct

  • Parental support

  • Strong communication skills

  • Respect for self and others

  • Identify learners’ careers early.

  • Participate in stakeholder conferences.

  • Develop younger 21st century leaders!

  • Increase number of educated workers.

  • Establish longer careers.

  • Jump start students’ lives through Scholars University.

Skilled learners who show a strong interest in academics may progress at an accelerated pace of learning. Our mission is to educate younger learners through proven instructional strategies and help them succeed at an accelerated rate of learning to acquire a high school diploma and a bachelors degree in the fields of computer science, liberal arts, biology, math, and art. Our young scholars will gain valuable knowledge through a combination of experiential learning, and traditional education. Scholars who major in science and art will be expected to participate in research, labs, showcases, and field observations. First years scholars will participate in co-operative learning. Scholars University learners are expected to use their bachelor degrees in computer Science, liberal arts, math, biology, & art to jump start their careers and become the new 21st century leaders.

Leaders of Scholars University

two men watching on silver MacBook
two men watching on silver MacBook
  • Experienced and caring educators

  • Knowledgeable in their fields

  • Innovative

  • Data driven decision makers

  • Change makers

  • Visionary

Educational Leaders

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

– Mark Van Doren