Experiential Learning Proposal

Transferring Hands-On Learning to Life & Careers

  • Mock Trials

  • Art Shows

  • Newspaper

  • Labs

  • Book Authors

  • Seminar Hosts

  • Math/Science Club

  • Years 1 & 2 Coop

  • Summer Independent Study Program

Scholars University Early Learning Benefits

Early knowledge is retained longer.

Early knowledge aids the workforce.

Learners will be more attracted to higher learning education.

Scholars will be more career bound.

Scholars will begin adulthood in better financial condition, and this will transition to better retirement conditions in the future.

Scholars will have opportunities for multiple careers and longer tenure in the workforce.

Scholars Resources: Coming Soon

Mentor Conferences: Faculty mentors are provided to learners through zoom meet and face to face.

Collaborative Stakeholder Conferences: May include parents, other family members, mentors, learners, and other school personnel.

Cooperative Learning: Scholars will have opportunities to interact with each other on projects This will include partnering, groups, and individual learning that is later shared.

More than one chance to succeed: Scholars may conference with assigned faculty and mentors to seek multiple ways to be successful.

Hands on experiences: Scholars will engage in experiential learning to achieve hands on experiences and real world experiences.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop